Mitsui Bussan Aerospace Co., Ltd.

Business Summary

Over 30 years since our founding in 1982, Mitsui Bussan Aerospace Co., Ltd. has acted as a dedicated aerospace and defense trading company to contribute to the development of Japan's aviation industry and the improvement of national security through the import and sales of helicopters, aircraft and defense-related equipment.
We now go beyond import and sales, leveraging our information, logistics, financial and other technologies to provide business solutions that accurately meet the wide-ranging needs of customers in aviation, defense and space.

Helicopter Unit

Helicopter Unit
Operated by government agencies with a need for mobility including police, firefighters and the Japan Coast Guard, helicopters are active in missions such as national security operations and disaster relief/rescue operations.
In the commercial sector, helicopters are flown for various purposes that include media, transport of personnel and goods, power line patrols and emergency medical service.
We not only import and sell helicopters as a distributor of overseas manufacturers, but also have established the spare parts supply system to ensure reliable usage of the aircraft and provide high-quality customer support. We are committed to excellence as a comprehensive service provider throughout the value chain, from aircraft sales to after-sales service, pilot and maintenance technician training, operations and decommissioning.

Aerospace Industries Unit

Aviation and Defense Systems Unit
We offer products and services that meet the diverse needs of the Self Defense Forces, the Japan Coast Guard, police, firefighters, disaster relief and others who shoulder public security, law and order, international aid, disaster relief, rescue and other duties. In addition, we act as a bridge linking customers in Japan and overseas, taking pride in our many achievements that include technical transfer and support for domestic production.
The primary products and services that we handle include business jet aircraft, engines and their materials, electronic equipment including radar and computers for aircraft and ships, forward-looking infrared (FLIR) indispensable to search and rescue missions, monitoring systems for security of key facilities and satellite launch and deployment service.
Additionally, through initiatives such as the provision of inventory management functions for bulk procurement of obsolete components and the establishment of a local maintenance center for infrared cameras, we go beyond mere import and sales agent work to better facilitate the long-term operation of our products.