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Security Systems

Security systems


Surveillance is and will be key to security, both public and private.
Our products by our partners, provide crucial visual information,
which cannot be seen through our competitors eyes, simply indispensable for the safety of our customers.

High level image security solution covering housing,
factory, airport, electric power plant, including critical infrastructure.

MITSUI BUSSAN AEROSPACE CO., LTD. is a distributor in Japan for thermal imaging camera systems of FLIR Systems, detection & tracking system for suspicious person/object of ioi products.
Nowadays we can’t underestimate the threat of Guerrilla and terrorist, so we supply a product that protects facilities such as data center, electric, water supply, transportation, armed forces base, enegy facilities in Japan from intruders.
We can provide the best imaging solution such as, 0 lux Surveilance at night time that combined with thermal imaging camera and ioi products, unknown ship surveilance more than 10km day/night, Multifocal Sensor System provides huge area surverilance in exceptional detail for maximum effective pixel 190MP, and Al human detection camera.