Mitsui Bussan Aerospace Co., Ltd.

Mission Statement


We will support the realization of a safe and prosperous society by contributing to the common good through our work in the field of aerospace.


As part of the Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Group, we aim to become a solution provider respected and trusted by both our domestic and international customers, adhering strictly to the standards of society.

Mission Statement


  1. Always striving to take up challenges in new aerospace fields, we shall dynamically create business related to security, law enforcement, disaster relief, lifesaving and international contributions.
  2. We shall provide our customers with both the high value-added products they require and responsible support, on a respectful and law-abiding basis.
  3. We will carry out work in the fields of logistics and marketing in good faith, cultivating a sense of professional responsibility.
  4. We shall develop dynamic and responsible human resources within the organization by developing the imagination and ingenuity of our predecessors and providing our employees with the opportunity for self-improvement and self-fulfillment.
  5. We shall always take into consideration and coordinate the interests of all our stakeholders.

Corporate Information