Mitsui Bussan Aerospace Co., Ltd.

Supply Chain CSR Policy

  • Mitsui Bussan Aerospace Co., Ltd. will strive to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by understanding and solving issues associated with the supply chains of its businesses, consistent with the wishes of its stakeholders.
  • Mitsui Bussan Aerospace Co., Ltd. will strive to support improvements in the supply chains by seeking understanding and implementation of the following principles by its business associates :
  1. To engage in fair trade, prevent corruption and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Not to be complicit in human rights abuse and violation.
  3. To prevent discrimination with respect to hiring and employment.
  4. To respect the rights of employees to associate freely and bargain collectively.
  5. To appropriately monitor employees’ working hours, holidays, leaves of absence and prohibit unlawful excessive work.
  6. To prevent forced labor, child labor, unlawfully-cheap labor, physical discipline, and physical, sexual and other forms of harassment..
  7. To ensure a safe and sanitary work environment.
  8. To reduce and mitigate business impact on the global environment.
  9. To ensure the safety and reliability of products and services.
  10. To disclose adequate and timely information relevant to the above.

Corporate Information